What Others Are Saying

  • “I’d been struggling under very heavy spiritual oppression for many years, but I came across your ministry and teaching. I’m almost completely free. I hear God and feel Holy Spirit. I put into practice what you teach and I’m bearing fruit in it. Going through Kingdom Pathways Academy and doing the workbooks really opened up my heart. Your first book, Encounter Jesus, changed my life. I put into practice encounters by having my own now.” - Andrea

  • "I'm in tears. I question and complicate God's voice so often because I'm afraid I'm going to be wrong. Thank you for helping me take risks." - Jaime

  • "What you shared last night did something for me. I woke up this morning full of more joy than I ever have. I feel so much peace. I feel more healed. Thank you so much for leading us." - Desiree

  • "You are a lifeline." - Mary

  • “I was thinking of all the people I learn from and how you are the most practical and down to earth authentic. You make sense and make it easy to understand. You are brave and courageous.” - Tammy

  • “I was really touched and ministered to when you prayed.” – Susan

  • “I absolutely love what Sarah shares, because she is all Jesus and none of her, you can just tell.” - Julianne

  • "Thank you for your words and love for us and for God. You have changed my life. Thank you so much!" - Lara